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Custom PHP logger with rotation functionality

This logger was specifically created for adding logging functionality to WordPress plugins to assist with support. Just drag it into your plugin, specify the directory that will store log files, and that’s it – you are good to go! Github Link <?php function create_new_custom_logger_file($_custom_log_msg, $_custom_log_dir){ $label = time().”.log”; fopen($_custom_log_dir.$label, ‘a’); error_log($_custom_log_msg, 3, $_custom_log_dir.$label); } function […]

Building an Insurance Company Website on WordPress

The Objective: A local insurance company needed a new website that allowed them to better manage their page content as well as handle the complex operations of a normal insurance company. The company won’t be named in this post, but the following list of challenges will be outlined: WordPress site integration with 3rd party server […]